is a non-invasive process and does not have any mechanical effect on cells.
It can process volume over 15 ml.
It can sort cells or biological objects >1µm diameter to large clusters of cells.
It can run up to 80ml.min-1 per Cube for cells >8µm.
It can manage layers of cells up to 1 000 000 per µl for small cells as red blood cells.
It has a heat management control to handle cells to any desired temperature.
It measures W30 x H41 x D50 cm and weight 13kg.

Cube user play on
- Acoustic Energy from 0W to 40W.
- Uses of sweep on frequencies to avoid streaming in channels.
- Frequency adjustment to position acoustic nodes / cells’ layers.
- All is managed with an easy-to-use interphase on a 7’ screen.


Cube have two possibilities of disposable according to the process step goal (based on size of cells or objects to handle and expected flow):
               - Full plastic disposable or, Stainless-steel channel disposable.
               - Disposable are sterilized through Gamma radiation.
               - Disposables can be connected to any standard tubing and bags through sterile connection (t               (tube welder).
               - Flow can be generated with peristaltic pump or syringe pump or bag press systems.