Aenitis developed an engineering support as Module Type Package (MTP) device development that permits testing and transpose acoustic handling steps in more complex and full automatized devices for any processes.

The Cube concept allows you to assess the benefit of using Acoustophoresis at the very early development phase of your ATMP’s.

Aenitis engineering support permits to explore many processes such as :

  • Sorting
  • Isolation / Concentration
  • Washing
  • Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) or Exosomes release boost
  • Any set-up you will imagine….


We provide the adoptable disposable according to the goal of the process:

  • Full plastic disposable or, Stainless-steel channel disposable
  • Disposable are sterilized through Gamma radiation
  • Disposables can be connected to any standard tubing and bags through sterile connection (tube welder)
  • Flow can be generated with peristaltic pump or syringe pump or bag press systems

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