Low mechanical stress and high throughput concentration of

cells with acoustophoresis

Acoustophoresis is an ultrasound based technique to replace most cell sorting and washing devices such as centrifuges. It uses low acoustic radiation forces to make cells migrate to a pressure node. Unlike a centrifuge, Aenitis’ technology works completely in flow and can be part of a more complex fluidic system. It can be used to sort, wash and concentrate all kinds of cells and tissues, with no change in cell viability. Flow rates can range from 0.5 ml/min to 40 ml/min. Previous results have shown that acoustophoresis can be used safely on platelets1.In this study, we present results obtained in a one inlet three outlets configuration, in order to concentrate cells by a factor 2.8-3.0. Multiple channels in series would increase the multiplying factor accordingly. This study shows that the reconcentration factor stayed constant for a wide range of flow rates, from 5 ml/min to 40 ml/min, with a 2.6 MHz acoustic wave. We investigated Jurkat cells and red blood cells, finding similar results.