ISCT Annual Meeting 2023 and Aenitis Technologies side event

The ISCT (International Society for Cell and Gene Therapy) conference is a renowned annual event that serves as a global gathering point for scientists, researchers, clinicians, and industry professionals in the field of cell and gene therapy. This conference offers a unique platform for the exchange of groundbreaking ideas, the presentation of cutting-edge research, and the discussion of the latest advancements in the rapidly evolving realm of regenerative medicine.

At the conference, our team had the privilege to engage with leading experts, researchers, and industry pioneers who are shaping the future of cell therapy. The wealth of knowledge and collaborative spirit showcased the enormous potential of this field, and we are proud to contribute to its growth.

We honoured of our recent research paper published on cryotherapy journal if isct2023 as well! and our 2 poster presented at the conference.

Event on Acoustic Technology Applications in Cell Processing

✨ Event Highlights:
🔹 Cutting-edge acoustic technology and its role in revolutionising cell processing techniques.
🔹 Engaging discussions with industry experts, researchers, and innovators in the field.
🔹 Insights into the future prospects and advancements in this rapidly evolving field.
🔹 Networking opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals and potential collaborators.

💡 Why Acoustic Technology Matters :
Acoustic technology has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of cell processing. By harnessing the power of sound waves, we can now achieve precise cell manipulation, and analysis with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. This technology has immense potential in various domains, including regenerative medicine, drug discovery, and bioprocessing.

we had amazing panel mediator Yves Sciama, our esteemed speakers Clément RieuBrian MullanCenk Sumen,Fermin Sanchez-Guijo,Emmanuel VINCENT, and participants who contributed to the success of this event. Your passion, expertise, and support made this event a truly enriching experience.

Connecting the Dots :
We firmly believe that events like these are catalysts for innovation and progress. By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, we can bridge the gap between scientific research and industry implementation. This event marked an important milestone in our collective journey towards advancing the frontiers of cell processing and unlocking new opportunities for the future.