Gentle Technologies Event

We are thrilled to share the resounding success of our recent event, a collaboration that brought together three pioneering startup companies Trince, LiveDrope and Aenitis technologies at the forefront of Gentle Technologies for Cell Processing. This exclusive gathering showcased groundbreaking innovations that are shaping the future of cell processing and advancing the boundaries of biotechnology

The success of this event reaffirms our commitment to promoting innovation in biotechnology. As we continue to explore the limitless possibilities of Gentle Technologies for Cell Processing, we look forward to playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of this dynamic and rapidly evolving field.

We extend our gratitude to the participating companies, attendees, and partners who contributed to the success of this event. Together, we are forging new paths and transforming the landscape of cell processing for a brighter and more sustainable future. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey towards advancing gentle technologies and pioneering the next era of biotechnology.

Join us as we continue to lead the way in shaping the future of gentle technologies for cell processing. Together, let’s push the boundaries of what’s possible.