Immuno Cell & Gene Therapy

Acoustic Transduction & Transfection Boost System (A2TB-S)

CAR-T cell therapy has shown remarkable success in the treatment of various cancers. However,

producing these cells for clinical use is still challenging. One of the significant challenges in CAR-T

cell production is transducing the cells with lentivirus vectors efficiently. Low transduction efficiency

results in lower CAR expression and reduced cytotoxicity, ultimately affecting the efficacy of the

therapy. This poster presentation discusses the use of acoustic technology to enhance the

transduction efficiency of CAR-T cells. Benefits of using acoustic to enhance transduction: Acoustic

technology has recently emerged as a promising approach for enhancing the transduction efficiency

of CAR-T cells. Acoustic technology uses sound waves to create a membrane rearrangement and

permeability in the target cells. Cell membrane transient alteration allowing efficient vector delivery

without causing cell damage or toxicity. Furthermore, the acoustic method does not require any

additional reagents or steps, making it a cost-effective and time-efficient approach.

The objective of the Acoustic Transfection & Transduction Boost System (ATTB-S) is to demonstrate the boosting effect of acoustic stimulation on the transduction of T lymphocytes by retro/lentivirus.