Aenitis Technologies Receives €4M in Funding from the European H2020 / SME Instrument Programme, for Its ABC-S’ Project (Acoustic Blood Cell Sorter)

“This funding will help to accelerate the roll-out of acoustic blood cell sorting technology to industrial scale”

Aenitis Technologies, which develops new medical equipment based on acoustic manipulation of biological particles, today announced that it has received €4 million in funding, following its application to the highly-selective SME Instrument Phase 2 European programme, in the “Healthcare Biotechnology” category.

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SME Instrument Phase 2 is part of Horizon 2020, a programme managed by the European Commission and dedicated to innovation and research. It is part of the Industrial Leadership pillar of H2020 and seeks to support fast-growing, highly innovative SMEs with global, international ambitions. Aenitis is one of the SMEs that have received funding in the “Healthcare Biotechnology” category, thanks to its disruptive technology using several acoustic properties of biological elements to act on them continuously, without contact or pressure. This technique, known as “acoustophoresis”, addresses some of the major challenges thrown up by the biotechnology revolution in separating particles, cells and biological entities of interest. It allows very delicate and sensitive biological objects to be sorted, filtered or manipulated, without damaging them or causing physiological changes.

“We are extremely proud to have been chosen by the Horizon 2020 jury, applying very selective criteria”, said Emmanuel Vincent, CEO and co-founder of Aenitis Technologies. “This recognition confirms the potential of our disruptive technology and validates our ambition to become a global leader in acoustophoresis filtration and separation solutions. This financing will help us accelerate the industrial development of our solutions, which will have a significant impact on reliability, quality, logistics and cost reduction, particularly in the sorting of labile blood products.”

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, under approval number n° 783667.

Aenitis would like to thank its partners and counsellors for their support:
 Paris Ile-de-France Region
 Paris Region Enterprise (Gaëlle Hin)
 CCI Paris (Justine Bounet)
 Efficient Innovation (Olivier Delaunay and his team)
 Nicolas Dubost
 Joris Dumas

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