Aenitis Technologies Raises €1 Million in Seed Funds
The Company Undertakes the Development of Its Innovative Medical Device
Aenitis Technologies raised € 1 million to the Seed Fund Quadrivium 1 managed by Seventure Partners to fund the launch of an innovative medical device.

Created in July 2014, Aenitis Technologies is a young French start-up from born from the work of Mauricio Hoyos and Jean-Luc AIDER, researchers at the CNRS Laboratory of Physics and Mechanics of Heterogeneous Media (PMMH) at ESPCI. The company focuses its activities in the medical devices sector where the impact of technology breaks it develops strongly wearer.

"This fund raising will enable Aenitis to achieve key milestones R & D up to advanced pre-industrialization phases. I am pleased to work with the Fund Priming 1 Quadrivium that truly positioned as a partner in our society far beyond a simple investor relationship and bringing a true strategic support for our young startups. "Says Emmanuel Vincent, President and co-founder of Aenitis Technologies.

Tramoy Philippe, Head of Investments of the Seed Fund Quadrivium 1 from Seventure Partners, said: "The biotechnology revolution imposes new challenges particle separations, cells, biological entities of interest. The development of manipulating technology based on acoustophoresis by Aenitis Technologies and leading academic partners expected to meet this need. "
About Aenitis Technologies
Spin off of a research laboratory of the CNRS and ESPCI, Aenitis Technologies develops an innovative approach to separation, handling and filtration of suspensions of particles or cells using acoustic forces generated by ultrasound. Supported by a strong portfolio of patents, this approach is disruptive with the traditional separation techniques currently used in the world. The first line of development of the company is the creation of new medical devices to high added value in the field splitting with expected major impacts on public health.
About Seventure
Active partner with innovative companies with high growth potential, Seventure Partners invests since 1997 in two main areas: the digital economy in France and Germany, and life sciences in Europe. Managing more than € 500 million at December 31, 2014, Seventure Partners stands out as one of the leading European capital innovation. Seventure supports the development of companies since the first round and even booting up capital financing rounds technological development with tickets € 500K to € 10 million round of financing, and up to € 20 million by company. Seventure is a subsidiary of Natixis Global Asset Management. Natixis is the corporate banking, investment and financial services group BPCE.
About the Seed Fund Quadrivium 1
The Quadrivium 1 Priming Fund is one of the innovation capital fund managed by Seventure Partners. This fund finances the French companies in seed stage (FNA - Future Investment Programme) in the areas of Life Sciences & digital Technologies, which are derived or related to the federated academic center around UPMC, the University Paris II, University of Paris IV, the National Museum of Natural History, University of Technology of Compiègne, CNRS, Institut Curie, Pierre Gilles de Gennes Foundation, the Foundation See and Hear or Paris and Sciences Letters (PSL).
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